Thursday, June 01, 2006

momma's little helper #1

emmie. she's a 74 pound beast but a cute one. in the almost 2 years we have had her, she really did a number on the gardens.

number #1

last fall she completely decimated our very mature japanese maple, chewing off all but one branch. it was quite sad, especially since we priced out similar mature trees and we found that emmie had a $1500 snack. we sawed off the chewed pieces to make clean breaks to help the tree heal, and bought some treetone organic fertilizer, but we haven't had to use it yet. and i'm proud to say it is doing quite well now.


steven said...

Baaaaaad dog! No! Sounds like Emmie needs some chew toys.

rachelle said...

i have provided a new link to see the dog now.