Thursday, June 08, 2006

garden reflection #2

5 ways my life has changed by having a garden:

marigolds on window sill

1. i now get excited when it rains. especially downpours. i'm finding i actually WISH for rainy days. i got really excited when i saw this picture
2. i now LOVE earthworms, and get excited when i accidentally chop one in half with my spade to form 2 worms (i seem to have an overabundance of them....yeah for me)
3. weeding is my new relaxing
4. my dog is getting many more walks (instead of being let out in the yard)
5. i'm becoming much more computer savvy (aka nerdy) and can edit blogs in a flash with language i still don't comprehend (possibly C++?). and what the heck is the extra + anyway.

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