Saturday, June 03, 2006

strawberry update

i found the most wonderful planter on sale at joann's etc one day and wondered what to plant in it. a friend suggested strawberries, and i loved the idea. so, strawberries were planted in mid april. i actually think that the planter is helping the strawberries not develop too many runners, but hey, what do i know about gardening?

April 2006

the strawberries had it rough in the beginning. after a bout (okay, 2 bouts) with the dog believing that the strawberries should really be in the ground and thus dug out half the planter, and then something getting to the first 2 ripe strawberries i was waiting to pick, they are healing quite well.
june 1, 2006

of course, we had to "puppy and something proof" it with a chain fence remnant my neighbor gave us.

june 1, 2006

but look! it's an uneaten strawberry. it's growing a little lopsided, but if that is what a strawberry has to do around here to grow, then who am i to be picky? it's all about survival here, folks!

june 1, 2006

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