Friday, June 23, 2006

rain rain go away...

okay, not really. as a new gardener, i find myself enjoying rainy days. the sights and sounds, and SMELLS are amazing. although we had an entire day of hard downpour (complete with lightning and thunder so loud my dog and cat bolted to the back of the house)(and before i get too many crazy comments, no, the pets did not flower). but a quick check on my garden and things seemed to be okay. the mounds and ditches still seemed intact, and for the most part, my plants seem to be veg/herb garden 6/22 (click to view larger image)
(click here to view garden only 4 days ago...i cannot believe the growth)

the bordering calendula, nasturtium, and something (ie. probably a weed) have exploded in the front borders nicely after the rain. (back row, from r to l) the cherry tomatos are taking off (still no signs of flowers yet), while the keeping the italian parsley partially shaded so now the leaves don't turn yellow. the brandywine tomatoes have started to grow larger as well now that i've thinned them, and the basil is branching lovely, and gives a nice aroma every time i bump it while weeding. next to that are my green zebra tomatoes, which are still quite slow to grow (is this normal?) but seems to be filling out now. at least you can see them in this picture as opposed to before. i have 2 small cilantro plants growing next, and previously dumped a handful of chive seeds next to that, which have been starting to sprout. to the right of the cherry tomato plants, i also sprinkled some scallion seeds recently, hoping to get a little something before summers end. middle row: lemon thyme, english thyme, thriving happy lettuce, and hot pepper plants. all doing quite well.

i also have rosemary, garlic chives, extra hot pepper, extra cilantro, extra nasturtium, extra cherry tomatoes, extra green zebra, and that mystery plant growing in pots surrounding that is growing quite nicely.

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