Friday, June 23, 2006

lettuce saga continued...

so with the warm weather, the downpour of rain for an entire day, the lettuce starting to crowd each other, a minibreak coming where i would be absent from the garden for the better part of the weekend, my tendency to poorly plan vacations around flowering time (or my flowers tend to wait until i've long left to flower in some evil facist scheme of "hide and seek"), and reading billy's and steven's blog about their bolting lettuce and vegetables after a minibreak, i thought it best to cut back all the lettuce, for fear that it would bolt while i was gone. by cutting back to 1-1.5", i might have a chance, if the weather doesn't get too dog gone hot, to have one more "cut and come again" crop. good thing i started another pot with lettuce seed.
harvested lettuce

lettuce patch post cutting back

lookes like i've about 3 gallon sized bags of fresh lettuce. they are off to my mother-in-law's for eating, as both my husband and i will be gone for 3.5 days.

good thing i got around to planting some more lettuce seed.

oh, and one more thing, but i noticed with my smaller harvest a few weeks ago that this home grown lettuce, has lasted me quite a LONG time--much longer than storebought. i washed/rinsed it very well, let 99% dry on some papertowels, then kept it in the fridge.

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