Thursday, June 08, 2006

growing pains

no pain no gain i guess....look at the progress in just 10
days (no kidding! most of the growth came after i enriched the soil on sunday 6/5):

cherry tomato 5/29

cherry tomato 6/8

aztec sunflower (center), teddybear sunflower (so small unable to view) 5/29

aztec sunflower, teddy bear sunflower (smaller seedlings) 6/8

zinnias 5/29

zinnias 6/8 (still haven't found a place for them yet)

nasturtium 5/29

nasturtium 6/8

so i guess i must be doing something right, right?


meagan said...


other natural products that i like are:
perennial nurture organic fertilizer, messenger immune booster
( dr subler's earthworm castings all are available at bordines.

and of course composting with the starbucks grounds for gardens program:

rachelle said...

oh i love composting with coffee grounds! i am making my work save them too. do you need your own container for the starbucks program?

steven said...

the garden is coming along nicely.

rachelle said...

thanks! it's been fun. this weekend will be the last planting for awhile. then it will be sit back and wait.

meagan said...

no. next time you go to starbucks, just ask them at the counter to bag up some old grounds.

Weeding the Garden said...

great job on the seedlings!! I have a nursery spot in my backyard for seedlings and other plants I am trying to propigate.. Right now is hydrangeas..

rachelle said...

thanks! hydrangeas really? propagating from seed or roots? my hydrangea is blooming but is very very small this year (new plant from the big box home center...and probably my last as the ones from the local greenhouses were better..)