Thursday, June 29, 2006

things are surprising me in the garden

lily of the valley's putting out a berry like seed pod. i never noticed them before in the YEARS i have had them. maybe i am starting to become an actual gardener.

have you ever seen pansies growing so high before? i have never. they usually don't grow that high and flop all over the place. not this year!!!! you cannot really tell by this photo, but the tallest pansy is a little over 1 foot above the soil level. they actually look like they are waving!

beauty in basil. and i found the macro button on my digital camera.

this weed also has surprised me. i have noticed, especially since i blogged about not having bugs yesterday, that i'm starting to have bugs. however, the bugs (i think they are flea beetles) seem to be attracted to this weed, and live in the crook of this plants branches. they seem to be drawing the bugs away from the vegetable plants like nasturtiums tend to do with aphids, as there is NO sign of pests in ANY of my herbs/vegetables. maybe this is a beneficial weed (the oxymoron of all garden oxymorons), or it could just mean that in a week my plants will be covered in pests. so i'm leaving a few "weeds" in, and picking those dang bugs and sadly drowning them in soapy water. at least it gives me a chance to be rid of the bugs from a plant i don't really care about hurting.


OldRoses said...

Hee hee! My Johnny-Jump-Ups (ancestors to pansies) are HUGE this year too. I thought the same thing, that they were waving at me. Did you wave back? I did! Hope no one saw me. Of course, my neighbors have seen me do plenty of strange things in my gardens so maybe they didn't even notice.

rachelle said...

lol...i must admit, i did wink.