Wednesday, June 07, 2006

oh so that's what they mean

so when i was researching growing strawberries, everyone kept saying, "strawberries will create runners everywhere", and "cut back the runners so the energy can be put back into the fruit". but no one was telling me exactly what a runner actually is. well..

i think i figured out what a runner is (click the pics to enlarge). i clipped these tonight from the strawberry plant. they are long shoots that touch the soil and take root. yup. creating another plant. 2 did take root and started to grow leaves, and 1 has not grown full leaves yet. so i did as every good little gardener should, and cut those suckers (no pun intended) out. but...
you know me and i always hate to waste anything, so....

in a pot they went. i'm trying to experiment. i planted 2 of the rooting runners in a pot (right next to some homemade bread in my kitchen and that's sorta odd now that i look at it), and i cut the third in half and placed them between wet papertowels to see if it would start to root. if it does work, i have new strawberry plants to pot and keep or give to friends. and if it doesn't, then hey why not right? i was just going to throw them away anyway.

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