Tuesday, June 27, 2006

garden update

basil is the most glossy, beautiful ever. the leaves are very large and fragrant, and the flavor is scrumptious. i have been encouraging branching and bushiness by pinching the tops.

the basil seedlings are doing well too, and i might have to thin them soon. i think i am going to have to cut back the bushy basil over hanging the babies.

my first casualty. i fear something got to the pumpkin sprouts buried in this mound. i tried to salvage the rest, replant them, and mounded the dirt over. we shall see.

my second casualty. i don't think the candytuft likes this soil. all of them pretty much look like this. the stems are still hardy and tender, just the leaves seems to be getting some sunburn.

so the birds did not get to the lemon cucumber seeds like i had feared, and are looking great. click here to see the seeds 4 days ago.

1 comment:

snappy said...

bad luck with the plant damage.My violas which i beautifully planted two lines got decimated by something digging the soil?Cats maybe?There was no evidence though of them.Im jealous my basil seeds never germinated.Need to buy some more because i LOVE fresh basil in pasta etc