Sunday, June 11, 2006

prize winning....????

i bet i must have the world's record for the tallest, largest, most gigantus, best looking.....


so i have this thing growing in my side yard by a very mature cedar tree.

1. it was definitely a single weed, complete with prickers and all, and that ugly little tiny yellow "weed flowers"
2. got up to about half this year's height and size
3. we couldn't pull it up so my husband had to cut it down with a lopper
4. tried to dig the root out
5. no shooter from the base
6. was not there the year prior

1. no prickers
2. the stalk is approximately 3 inches in diameter
3. the leaves are glossy oval shaped
4. is standing about 5'5" tall (my friend erin standing next to it is 5'6") and is taller than me
5. grew 2 shoots from the base so far (see the baby one left of erin's feet)
6. erin so kindly tried to weed one of the baby shoots (i say baby but it was still over 2 feet long) but ended up only breaking its stalk. the insides looked like a dandelion's insides without the weeping milky stuff....

Rachelle's guess on 6/10/2006: magic beanstalk

so, any guesses of what this is?
please leave a comment, or point anyone you know that might know my way...
i will keep you updated as it grows. i am planning on leaving it be (unless it starts to hurt other foliage/trees/house around it) just to see if a) it will flower and b) i could enter it in some sort of weird plant contest and win a prize


steven said...'s a..a weed. Not only is it a weed, it's a perennial weed so I think you should dig out the root and be done with it.

rachelle said...

yup that is the 51% of thoughts, the other 49% is some sort of sunflower. although i still like the idea of magic beanstalk.

have you ever seen such a thing? perhaps you can tell me how to dispose of it. we really did dig up what we thought was all the root system last year. it is funny... one plant, er weed,'s 6 feet tall.

steven said...

I get them in my yard, I have no idea what they are, but they're a pain in the butt. They kind of remind me of tobacco in a way.

rachelle said...

if i smoked that would be great. does tobacco really get that big?