Friday, June 09, 2006

portulaca grandiflora

portulaca grandiflora, or moss rose. it's a plant that thrives in arid, dry, poor soil, and hard to grow areas. i believe it can be grown in almost all zones, 1-11 at least, and i'm trying to grow it here. i put it in a container because i hear it's also a flourishing weed.

what i have done so far:

1. found neat shallow planter

2. filled neat shallow planter with a mix of potting soil and sand for drainage and to help reproduce the
"arid" conditions

3. finely spread the very fine seeds on surface of soil, covered with a VERY light dusting of sand so they would grow

4. placed in a spot that gets FULL SUN and loads of heat

5. momma's little helper decided that there was gold at the bottom of the planter and dug until her heart's content

6. husband found dog's doing and tried to put back in pot what she took out before momma came home, not seeing the very fine seeds hidden in soil, and most likely putting seeds at the bottom, middle and all through all layers of soil, where they won't get sun and most likely won't grow.

7. now i've got portulaca growing in one corner of the pot so far

8. hoping and praying that the "moss" part of it will creep over the rest of the container.

this is what they will look like hopefully:


steven said...

I love rockroses. I used to have huge pots of them when I lived in Florida.

rachelle said...

do you not garden as many flowers now? i have never seen these but hope that they will turn out nice despite their demise earlier this spring...

steven said...

I have shrubs and stuff, but if I'm going to put a lot of work into plants I want to eat them.