Wednesday, May 31, 2006

in the beginning...

this is a picture of my plants started by seed around my birthday, april 5th. this was taken in the beginning of may. we had a funny month of weather, and early may had some beautiful days but really cold nights. so they were kept on an old small table in our office (much to my husbands dismay) in front of a south facing window. the tall ones are mammoth sweetpeas with moonflower in the front, and stevia nearest the window. cherry tomato plants on the right, and basil on the left.

this is a picture of my cherry tomato plants newly transplanted into 3" pots on may 19th. too many plants and too little pots so they had to go 2-3 seedlings per pot. they are actually doing quite well even though it seems a bit crowded. and they have transplanted into the garden nicely.

i was having so much fun with gardening (i always take on a project in FULL) that i decided to start the following from seed using uncle toms method (these are basil sprouts done by the method) for zinnias, sunflowers (teddybear, aztec gold, chianti, kidstuff, italian white), nasturtium, calendula. i also had a ton of seeds left over from the seed trays so i ended up germinating the remainder of the basil, and hot pepper, cilantro, green zebra tomatoes (which did not take at all in the seed trays).

so again, my husband just had to laugh when our house was speckled with a million little dixie cups with seedlings growing happily in them. this is one of two flats of zinnias-"burpeana" and "cut and come again"


steven said...

Looks like my sunroom in April, I finally had to rig up a mini greenhouse in the yard.

meagan said...

this is amazing, rachelle!