Friday, June 30, 2006

i found my macro button

so i found my macro button on my digital cannon camera. now if only i can afford a macro lens for my cannon slr. *sigh*

my only lily left after momma's little helper ate the other 4

cut lillies

cut lillies

lemon thyme


meagan said...

wow it's like the "extreme close-up" on wayne's world.

steven said...

oooh, pretty lemon thyme. The flowers are beautiful, but that pollen ruins anything it touches.

When I was in the nightclub business we had an appearance by Cher and her contract rider specified a certain amount of white "Casablanca" lillies in her dressing room. The florist delivered the lillies and at the last second I realised that the stamens were still on the flowers and I had to pull them all off quickly and my fingers were orange for weeks.

rachelle said...

oh i know. the pink lillies are my brother's. he usually cuts the orange pollen before they throw dust or weep. the white lily is in my garden, and i just let it go. it's now dying, which is very sad.