Friday, June 02, 2006

herb garden post #1

okay so this is the first entry in the chronicles of our new herb garden.
it looks pretty good in its new state, however when i was turning the dirt, i found lots of little critters (potato bugs, something that looks like earwig babies, ants) besides the massive amounts of worms (yeah!) playing around in the dirt. so we shall see how plants fair. the perenniels that were planted there seemed to do fine. that is until momma's little helper decided to do some tilling on her own.

oh and don't mind the tinyness of the garden. i have a small postage stamp yard in a neighborhood city of outlying detroit. i'm trying to make the most of the garden space! i was preparing to build a large raised bed behind the detatched garage, but it was so far away that i believe i would not get back there much to tend, weed, harvest... this garden, even though small, is right outside the kitchen door, has better drainage, and is a good starter garden not having too much to try to tend to.

it's not to say that i don't have a little garden envy....

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