Monday, June 05, 2006

Garden Pests #2

so, i have a new pest in the garden. those dang propellar seeds that where so pretty and wondrous when i was a kid. we'd throw them up and watch them trickle down like a fun new toy. well, i've just spent the entire day weeding these baby trees out, all over my yard, garden, pots, strawberry pot, and even in my seedling trays! this is a picture of one that took in my seedling trays on my potting bench. i think they are poplars, and the particular kind i just weeded were red. yes, it was sad to have to pluck out so many baby trees, but i don't want to have what would be a very large tree in the middle of my herb and vegetable garden.


yomaumau said...

Gardening is good - we gardeners will live long and prosper - keep growing things, it justs gets better. Fun blog.

steven said...

Oh those maple seeds drive me nuts. They get into everything and I'm pulling maple seedlings for the rest of the year.