Saturday, July 01, 2006

so it's been 1 month

so it's been 1 month, yesterday, that i have been blogging about my garden. and in a sense, 1 month since i have created my garden. everything has pretty much (knock on wood) worked, better than i had imagined. and i have to owe it all to being on the internet. i must have learned a gazillion things over the past month just by perusing all your lovely blogs, and getting great advice, inspiration, and encouragement. and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying garden books! THANKS BLOGGERS!

1 month recap:
top 10 lessons learned, inspiration, blah blah blah:

1. tomatos, glorious tomatoes, all forms, all colors, all types, repotted, in ground, etc. i cannot believe the luck with them so far. no fruit, but all plants are now blooming and have gotten extremely large.

2. basil is beautiful, better than i expected

3. "ornamental" lettuce was a tasty lovely addition to the culinary repertoire
4. whirlybird nasturtium flowers are beautiful

5. don't plant candytuft perennial in full sun

6. zinnias most likely need a fertilizing boost as they are not growing

dahlia root clumps CAN be separated into individual tubers instead of freaking out because the root clump was this weird twisted thing and plunking the whole thing in a hole, like i did. but they grew anyway. hopefully i will have at least ONE flower before i dig them up late fall.

8. apparently the animals/birds in my yard love to dig for pumpkin seeds

9. i got advice on green garlic and garlic scapes enough that i found some at the local farmers market and bought some:
10. purslane is incredibly yummy.


Janet said...

It sounds like you're having a lot of fun! Probably the beginning of a life-long addiction.

I've had recurring bouts of garden addiction. And you're quite right about the Internet being so helpful in this regard - I've learned so much more since I can research things online and consult with other gardeners.

rachelle said...

i know! bloggers and gardening tips have saved me and my garden. i especially check out the ones in a zone south, or in california, because they deal with things oh so much earlier than i that i can read what they do, then prepare myself!