Tuesday, July 11, 2006

garden update

so for a while, i thought that my garden was getting pretty boring and then thought, "what the heck am i going to blog about now?" i mean, my usually meek attention span was only now starting to wear out, my garden space is small, and with the (knock on wood) consistent but not too much rain we've been getting and the mulch i placed around the plants, there really is nothing to do now but sit and wait and let nature do her thing.

i just wish she'd hurry it up.

it took some time before the first tomato sighting, and now those tomatoes are STILL green (yes i know it's only been one week). i check with fervor each morning, noon, and night, before work, after work, before i take the dog on a short walk, after i take the dog on short walk, before a rain storm, after a rain storm, forcing my husband who just wants to have a little peace from the garden mania watching the world cup to come outside only for me to say "do you see that tomato? i think it's a millimeter larger"...well, you get the picture. i know, i know, i am a young jedi knight and need to practice patience. but we are gardeners, and most gardeners that i know are waiting with ants in pants to have their plants finally do something. i am a far cry from mr. miyagi or yoda (i just realized the amount of star wars speak i was using for someone who never actually seen any star wars completely through**insert gasp here**). it's the same reason why we might consider paying a load of money for seedlings, plants, and trees for that instant gratification of seeing a mature yard. or almost killing the dog when she chews up your well aged and expensive japanese maple (she is so lucky she has such a cute face...and some new chew toys).

but look what has been going on just today, when i checked after work. thanks to a rather scary but much needed rain storm last night. of course, none of this was here before work. brandywine tomato finally starting to fruit

'alaska' nasturtiums in the bed border finally starting to flower

this one is the most brilliant deep garnet red color

mesclun i've let go to seed, going to seed (finally, or at least flowering)

my first calendula flower in all of its glory

finally, my green zebra tomato starting to flower (i actually think this one has been pollinated and starting to set fruit...look how long the green thingys are)(i don't even know if tomatoes need to be pollinated to start to fruit i'm just babbling now over my excitement).

ahhh....i love nature. she can take as long as she wants. so long as she hurries it up. *wink*


Janet said...

Who can NOT love orange after seeing your calendulas! Now you're making me regret not planting them!

rachelle said...

i know! this is my first year of calendulas. and i'm so excited they flowered.

snappy said...

I had some last year but this year not a single self seeded calendula.I love the colour, the pungent smell of the leaves.When things are growing you have to admire what is in flower and wait.I look daily, sometimes six times a day for signs of growth.I think patience is learned, and you get excited when something blooms, so much you drag your other half outside.Quick come out and look at this...Sallyanne has been dragged out a lot to see new flowers..