Monday, July 17, 2006

garden update

so my garden has been growing fiercely, but the growth is not as noticeable as before because everything is either going to seed, trying to flower, or bearing fruit.
hot peppers in bloom.

green zebra tomato taking shape

brandywine tomatoes taking their shape.

cherry tomatos starting to tinge dark green....just waiting for them to turn red.......

sunflower trying to bud.

zinnia trying to flower

calendula going to seed (when should i collect them and how?) it looks kinda creepy, like it's infested with some sorta larvae....just like when i opened the seed packet the first time and thought a worm had gotten in and ate the seeds and laid eggs then died. ewwwww.

you see how overgrown the garden has become? i have been meaning to do some trimming, but michigan's had a run of over 90 degrees for a while. and really, i've mulched and it's kept the weeds out pretty well, so it would just be hacking back my tomato plants. which i have done once already.

however, the calendula and the nasturtiums are blooming the most amazing colors, red, cream, fushia, golden, rose, etc. and the bees! bumble bees everywhere (a good thing) they are the cutest things bumbling around.


steven said...

We're in a race to see who gets ripe cherry tomatoes first!

rachelle said...

mine just turned more dark green. how are yours going?

steven said...

agonizingly green. Turn red damn it!