Tuesday, July 04, 2006

my screaming morning

so it rained pretty heavily yesterday, but only for a short while. this morning (okay it was more like noon...it's a day off, what do you expect?) i walked outside today, and literally SCREAMED IN DELIGHT as i saw this:
my large cherry tomato plants, which have been growing VERY VERY WELL have finally started to set fruit. and i'm just delighted, they are perfectly round cute and just the daintiest little guys ever. course, i'm biased.

i also broke down and bought an heirloom green zebra tomato this weekend at westborn market. i am growing them, i've got 3 plants. but i never had green zebras before, and wanted to taste as a sneak preview for the fall. it was so good....and now i'm looking forward to my harvest later this summer more than ever. i am just hoping that my tomatoes are this good, i will be so bummed if the plants go to pot.
pun intended.


steven said...


I love Green Zebras, they're very acidic and if you make salsa with them you barely need any lime juice, they're a really great tomato.

Genie said...

Rachelle, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your tomatoes keep growing and ripening -- I'm so excited for you that your plants are starting to bear fruit!

I've had Green Zebras before, too -- I'm in Steven's camp on these -- they're an excellent addition to the garden.

Happy Fourth!

The Inadvertent Gardener

Black Eyed Susan said...

They're gorgeous!!

rachelle said...

thanks all! i am really excited. steven, i did have a green zebra for the first time from the market and they are my new favourite tomato. genie, i cry everytime i read about your black walnut massacre. i'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!