Saturday, July 08, 2006

the evolution of a cherry tomato

so i was out in my garden today, as usual, and i thought how fun it was to have my cherry tomato plant in all stages and right before my eyes. to be witness to nature.
click on photos to enlarge.

cherry tomato flower buds

cherry tomato flowers

nature doing its thing. pollination.

flower dying, fruit beginning to set.

flower fell off, fruit getting larger

cherry tomato looking perfect. no, no red tomatoes yet. soon.
when am i supposed to pick large cherry tomatoes?


Head Burro said...

Cracking photos - right up my street as I love to take loads and loads of before-during-after shots. I also love the way that a tomato grows from a swelling in a flower - it's beautiful to see.

JLB said...

You'll know when to pick them! They'll be a nice red/orange color (depending on the plant, some might be more orange/yellow), and they'll smell wonderful (like candy)! Cherry tomatoes are so much fun... once the plant is really jamming, you can pick a fresh handful of ripe tomatoes every day (sometimes more!)

rachelle said...

since my first tomato sighting, i have since seen a branch of about 6 tomatoes in about 20 differnt places. i'm too excited.