Monday, July 10, 2006

attack of the killer tomatoes

so in my pursuit of the perfect tomato, i think i've left my cherry tomato plant a little too long. and in an act of revenge to my absence, i think it is plotting to take over the world. or at least my garden (sort of like my dog i guess...i may name the plant after my dog). yep, the whole thing is one plant, invading my italian parsley, calendula, peppers, and even my other tomato plants. something had to be in an attempt to save the world from my killer cherry tomato, i took to pruning the dang thing. i figured i was waiting long enough for the darn tomatoes to turn from green to red, that a little pruning would not only help this process along by redirecting energy, but save the rest of my plants from the wrath of the tomato.

only i have trouble with cutting anything that is growing well. and as anyone that knows me will tell you, i am very indecisive when it comes to most anything outside of work. so i was outside, nearing dark, with clipper in hand, marching around my garden for 20 minutes, trying to decide which branches to clip off. it was hard, as some of the more aggressive tzar branches that were threatening to conquer the space actually had fruit growing on it. but i finally did make a decision, and ruthlessly pruned the little sucker.
okay, so it doesn't really look that different. i guess i was a little less ruthless than i thought. but i really did prune:and this is the proof. yup, i cut back what i could, and got the green tangy smelling hands to prove it too.


steven said...

My cherry tomatoes are going nuts and the heat and humidity are making it worse!

rachelle said...

i know! i've just pruned, and now we're going to get hit with a ton of rain, then sun, heat and humidity. ick for me, but good for tomatoes?