Sunday, July 02, 2006

ewwwww...and more ewwww

so i'm not THAT squeamish when it comes to bugs, in fact many of my friends would tend to agree that since i've started gardening, i have become more BUG friendly. playing with worms, ladybugs, and digging up bugs in the dirt and not squealing like a 2 year old is a large step up from where i was last year.

except for this one:

you cannot really tell from these pictures, but it is about 2" long by 1" wide. with a pale and gross underbelly. our bet is a locust but we are not so certain. good thing it's on the OUTSIDE of the screen door, because i have to admit, i made a step or two backwards in my liking of bugs progress when i saw it.


Genie said...

It looks like a cicada to me, but I'm pretty new to all this, too!

The Inadvertent Gardener

Dawn Hill said...

I second that. It's a cicada. Noisy but harmless.

rachelle said...

yep you're right! i looked up cicada on the web and it's an exact picture! i think my cicada was a female, as it was not noisy and had the ovipositor. i'm surprised...they have a 13 or 17 year larval lifestyle before they come out looking like this i guess this was a few times in a lifetime spotting.