Friday, July 07, 2006

jumping peas

i bought a bunch of shelling peas at the farmers market last saturday. i've been shelling and eating peas all week as a snack. then i realized that the pea pods were starting to get fuzzy and rot. so i decided to shell all the peas, blanch and freeze them. being my first time doing anything with peas that did not come out of a plastic bag from the freezer...better said than done.

apparently, my fingers, as tiny as my hands are, were not meant for shelling peas as most of the peas landed on the ground. very small sample of my kitchen rug after shelling.

i would employ the 3 second rule, but as people with hairy shedding cats and dogs know, with pets, there is no such thing as a three second rule unless you wish for your food to be hairy. and if you are one of those people, more power to ya, but the thought just grosses me out. so i only got less than 1/2 a bowl of peas, not even enough for a side dish for one, or to validate freezing. so i plunked them in my fridge, and i think i will eat them for breakfast.

usually i don't have to worry much about picking up food, as my portable food vaccuum on paws usually cleans my kitchen floor. but i guess that she does not like everything as she kept spitting out all the peas. my husband says "good for her".


Head Burro said...

Hi Rachelle,

My old dog, Max, from my childhood was a funny eater (funny haha, not funny odd?) and had this great habit of spitting peas out of the side of his mouth as he ate, no matter how well we buried them :-D

Anthony said...

Whenever I give my two animals some peas they spit them out on the floor too. I don't own a dog or a cat though, I'm talking about my children. :)

steven said...

My dogs would be all over those peas.