Tuesday, July 04, 2006

daily garden inspiration

buds. oh the jokes and puns i could tell you with this word.
but i will spare you.
to heck with spring, now is the time for budding in my garden apparently. i'm too excited.

calendula starting to bud.

aztec sunflower crown. it looks as though it's getting ready to set bud.

my "i can't wait for them" green zebras FINALLY starting to bud

kalanchoe already flowering but still with lots of...you guessed it, buds.


steven said...

I don't want to rain on your parade, but keep the dog away from the kalanchoe, it is toxic to animals and the fatal dose in calves is something like seven grams of leaves and flowers.

rachelle said...

oh i know. it's far far away from the dog and the cat. someone gave me a tiny houseplant. i think i might take ti to work.

Hanna in Cleveland said...

Don't you just *almost* hate the budding time? It's like being a kid on Christmas Eve. Quick, quick - let's get to the good stuff.

rachelle said...

i keep checking everything daily. it's like the plant foliage grows and grows every 5 mintues, but the minute it buds, it seems to stop in time.