Sunday, July 09, 2006

daily garden inspiration

i was starting to feel left out of the lilliness. so here is a photo of mine. they have exploded along the back border of my yard. i love the red detail.
and i threw in a picture of a nasturtium bud about ready to explode. love nasturtiums.


JLB said...

I had to snap images of my neighbors' lillies, as I have none to call my own. ;)

Aren't nasturtiums the greatest? They're so cheery... and delicious! You can eat the flowers and leaves (great for salads), and you can grind the seeds like peppercorns (although I usually leave those for next year's plants).

Lovely blog! It looks like you're having fun!

rachelle said...

thanks, i am having sooo much fun. and yes, nasturtiums are becoming my favourite flower. cheery is a great way to explain them.