Thursday, May 31, 2007

daily garden inspiration

i love this.


last year, we planted these dianthus for my friends memorial garden. they started out as just a single flower or two growing atop some leafy greens. they were sold as annuals from a local farm market. we let them overwinter, and they got all brown and straw-like.


then, with the help of a few rain showers, some sun, some warmth, they've exploded again this year.


almost like a perennial, but i have a feeling these will bloom all summer long, as they now have HUNDREDS of little flowers with HUNDREDS more buds every day.


makes me think that janien is watching me, helping me cultivate my garden. and inspiring me daily. the white flowers glow, and remind me of her incredible smile. we miss you daily.


meagan said...

Dianthus can be annual or perennial depending on the variety.

Perennial Dianthus are short-lived -- sometimes lasting only three or four years in the garden -- and must be renewed by propagating new plants from cuttings.

Annual Dianthus can self-seed under optimum conditions, much like Rudbeckia and Echinacea.

rachelle said...

i figured these were self seedding.

Katie said...

I love Dianthus! And I love that you have time lapse pictures. Awesome!