Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i must say, my husband can really get going on a project. i have to credit him with the work he did in the garden. i weeded probably about 5 square feet, picked out plants, complained about the heat, and went inside to feed the baby. he did the rest. and boy, do our garden beds look good.

for all the complaining i did about the 75-80 degree weather (doesn't it get toasty in the sun?) and refused to weed/garden in full sun... i finally did plant our garden today.

on the hottest day of the 90 degree weather week, in the hilt of the midday sun.

seriously. what was i thinking?

i guess it was trying to take advantage of sleeping baby time, and got out there for a couple hours while he took a nap.
and it was HOT. but since my husband pruned the garden beds, all i had to do was dig holes and drop plants in. i still think i burned my back though.
here are a few before and after pics of our gardens now.
plot #1, before

plot #1, after

plot #2, before

plot #2, after


meagan said...

good job!!!

it looks awesome.

Mike M said...

Great blog!! I will be back for more

I kind of fell into gardening as well (with a little help from the wife:O))

Part of this post is about the garden we built:

My wife is the garden queen. Her blog is at:

rachelle said...

thanks! i am planning on planting some more snow in summer and some pennylane violas in the spaces.

Brittan said...

nice job!
christian went in the backyard over the weekend and freaked out about the back beds, he weeded them a couple weeks ago and apparently they are all back? haha!

rachelle said...

yeah, weeds tend to do that. tell him to mulch.