Saturday, May 05, 2007

ugh... work to be done

yes, i do love gardening
and i LOVE weeding
however, i HATE the beginning of gardening season

my empty garden plot.

just too much to do. my husband did a good job of garden clean-up last fall when i just couldn't stomach it, but we are getting a late start this year. i'm just starting to germinate seeds, i have not even LOOKED at any garden shops, turned dirt, amended soil, weeded...

we started to rehabilitate the lawn from momma little helper's running track, "fertilization", and digging.

i also picked up an array of seeds to experiment with this year. i'm leaning towards potting herbs/tomatoes this year and planting flowers in the empty plot.

okay so i started to weed. but i got through 2 plots before i got sick of it and gave up, leaving the rest for another day. was thinking it was just too dang dry to really ease the weeding... then realized it was supposed to be nice and sunny for the rest of the week...

i left jurassic park for another day. too tired to even start. click to see all the prickers and weeds growing over my lovely lily of the valleys and hostas.

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