Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ho hum...

all right fellow gardeners. i need a little motivation.
today, i had good ambitions and planned to get up early, weed and clean up the garden, try to amend the beds, then scatter my germinated seeds before the sun gets too hot and my baby's doctor's appointment. well.... here's how my morning went.

730am. sun is shining, looks like a beautiful day. woke up. decided too tired to move, went back to sleep.
900am. woke up to baby fussing. fed him while sleeping, decided too tired to move, went back to sleep.
1030am. woke up, decided too tired to move, but thought if coffee was made facing day might be easier. while in sleepy stupor, discovered we are out of coffee and creamer. frowned and pouted.
1035am. still frowning and pouting.
1035 and 30 sec. still frowning and pouting as i cannot find my garden clogs
1036am. begrudgingly went outside in straw hat, old flipflops, and pajammas. put on gardening gloves, armed with beloved weeder tool, and faced my jurassic park of a garden.
1037am. gasped in horror when found scary pricker weeks had grown taller than my knees with stalks as thick as my arm.
1038am. decided to abort mission, start with smaller, less scary dandelion and creeping charlies
1039am. gasped in horror when found dandelions had gone to seed and had already been scattered and creeping charlie had grown as thick as my myrtle
1040am. found worm trying to escape to neighbors garden. spent next 10 minutes chasing said worm (i love my worms) and plunked him back into hole in garden mud
1050am. thought awake enough to start on jurassic park garden
1051am. stood in front of said garden and thought "what was i thinking"
1052am. started to weed and accidentally squatted on prickers while trying to weed the prickers (i hate that).
1053am. dug up 3 prickers, accidentally broke off 3 prickers, screamed while spiders, milipedes, potatobugs, june bugs, other bugs i don't know but are still gross scattered and crawled over my bare toes in dumb old flip flops
1054am. frowned and pouted. aborted mission altogether.
1055am. smiled while in shower

please help me getting motivated to prep my beds. i cannot wait to plant, but prepping is getting in the way.


meagan said...

today i hand dug all of the weeds out of my front beds. tomorrow i'll work on the back beds and the butterfly garden.

i'll send you some pictures to inspire you, and then perhaps i'll come over one day and help you attack jurassic park.

steven said...

I have days when I just can't face weeding etc. it's supposed to be fun, not a job.

rachelle said...

that would be GREAT. i need help. if only to distract the youngin.

Wicked Gardener said...

ahhh - sounds like most of my garden days.