Thursday, May 03, 2007

we're back!

the garden plot last year

tune in soon. it's the first week in may. and i'm...

a) not pregnant so no aversion to gardening
b) have kid, will garden
c) going to the garden shop this weekend

after a looooooooooooong winter full of pregnancy and hot flashes, we welcomed our son on march 2, 2007. he's a bundle of joy, a handful, and the best thing that has happened to us yet. it's a beautiful spring (well so far), and we are interested in preparing the gardens for our little one, and this being the last year my gardens will be safe from baby, but not from our little helper, puppers. next year, i will have to try to both puppy and baby proof the gardens. *sigh*

last year...
i planted (* means not a good crop):
green zebra tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
brandywine tomatoes
thyme (lemon and english)
italian parsley
chili peppers*
lemon cucumber*
pumpkin was KIA*

and that is not even the entire list, only what i could remember.

this year i would like to scale back the gardens and the apparent enthusiam i had last year. i think i will border the garden with nasturtiums again, not because we ate them, but because they tended to attract bugs away from the plants, and my dog hated the peppery taste so she stayed out of the gardens.
i am also going to plant ONLY A COUPLE tomato plants in pots this year. they did like the warmth of the garden bed last year but just overgrew, and i don't want to plant them in the same spot for fear of tomato rot. i will be planting green zebras again, as well as sweet cherrys.
and this year, i vow to only plant herbs...
and lettuce....
and try to grow flowers.

and anything else i feel like i want to try this year.

keep check back for my new escapades in gardening this year.

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