Tuesday, May 30, 2006

what i have growing in my michigan yard

cherry tomatoes; green zebra tomatoes; brandywine tomatoes; hot pepper mix; sweet basil; cilantro; stevia; aztec sunflowers; dwarf teddy bear sunflowers; chianti; sunflowers; italian white sunflowers; kid stuff sunflowers; zinnias; calendula; nasturtium; portulaca (yes i know its a desert plant but i'm determined to grow it here)

italian parsley; lemon thyme; english thyme; rosemary; white peony (not doing so well); hydrangea (small, thought it was a goner, but getting pink blooms)

pics to come soon...as soon as i find my camera...
hopefully then someone can help me figure what is wrong with my poor peonies


steven said...

Good luck with the garden, the green zebra tomatoes are a fovorite of mine.

rachelle said...

thanks steven. i look forward to hearing what you have to say...and help!