Saturday, June 16, 2007


the snake (i named him pookie) in the post below, i believe has died. my husband said he saw pookie in the middle of our neighbors lawn in full sun, and it hadn't moved in a half of a day. i cannot understand how it might have died, other than a lack of food (which means we have no vermin in our yards, can't say that i'm sad about that). we are hoping that he was taking a sun nap, for a really really long time. or molting. which would be really cool. but, we are very sad if he did pass, especially my dog, who thought she found a new friend.

in other news, we are having a stretch of near 90 degree weather, with the nights still very warm. i haven't had much time, energy, or enthusiasm for gardneing still, and i've never been a fan of hot weather, sweating, or working under the blazing sun. i guess having a 3 month old sucks the life out of you. not that i'm complaining, i'd take playing with my son over gardening any day.

but i did manage, between naps and in 10 minute intervals so i could duck back into the air conditioning, to finally mulch part of our garden beds to stop the sun from burning the plants and their roots, and plant the near dead violas we'd purchased almost a month ago. unfortunately, the red salvias we bought did not make it into the ground before the sun burnt them up. all the other plants we bought (snow in summer, bellflowers, veronica) are still living although are just short of being baked due to the summer heat. when i checked them after spreading the mulch though, they are growing, and growing through the burnt parts.

and the bellflowers are still blooming, the veronica is doing okay in the clay-like soil, the near dead violas are reviving, and the dog ran over my peony plant.

i think i might try to transplant the peony. any suggestions of how and when?


meagan said...

everything cannot be named pookie. people are going to get confused. i am confused. next christmas pookie will get nothing for me if this is the new pookie formerly known as snake.

also, the peony is probably done for summer now, (mine almost are) so wait until it gets cooler and have at it. dig a big hole, stay away from the root system and be sure to plant with compost or humus rich soil or a root stimulator. and water like crazy.

rachelle said...

would i be completely crazy to plant it in completely full sun? i'm thinking about planting it where i have those snow in summers and bell flowers.
if not, i will plant it in the front.

rachelle said...

oh and pookie is a great name. what else have i named pookie?

steven said...

awww no more Pookie.